How can you be less critical?

The critical part of the personality tends to dominate in most of the people, especially when it comes to making big decisions in life. For instance, it can make parents fret over the possible scenarios for the future of the children, in addition to diverting your attention on the flaws or anything that goes wrong with the children or you. While there may be benefits of being critical, however, if you lose the optimistic spark in you at the cost of kindness, your life, in general, will become hard for you. For instance, the simple task of taking the children out to the park for the rides on the cars or shopping mall may seem difficult to you or negative. Consequently, your relation with the children and family members may deteriorate. Therefore, following are the main tips to help you.

Be Smart

If you are aware of the tendency to be critical, it is better to focus this energy on the tasks which require a critical view. For instance, if your job is to find the drawbacks or to give an in-depth view of the events, your ability to look at things in a detailed view will help, however, when you feel that you are with family, it is best to snub the tendency and go with the positive feelings to build the bond you have with the children.

Address your Fears

As we all have different kinds of fears, it is best to work on them by accepting them and find ways to address them. For example, if you worry about the health of your family, you can take steps to switch to the healthy diet or make sure that the eating habits and supplementary steps are being taken to keep them healthy. The main idea is to not let your fear take over rather the feasible approach is to take measures to lessen or curb your fears.


Though you may feel compelled to act in certain situations, especially the ones which demand your immediate attention or focus, however, if you learn to cultivate the wise version of you, it would help you to show restraint in a number of situations. As a result, you would be able to control the outcomes of the situation you thought were hard. Similarly, you can control the habit of being critical in unnecessary cases.

Engaging your Mind

If you are not good at control or if you are struggling to manage your critical side with the positive aspect, you can utilize this strategy of engaging your mind, for instance, you can opt for additional load of the work at the office or complete the house chores so that you would not get time to be unkind or overly critical to people. It has been noticed that some of the parents tend to hard on the children and their relations are not very stable, one of the reason has to do with lack of control over the tendency to be critical of people. Therefore, if you stay busy, it may become easy for you to focus on the positive aspects.

Value of a Good Laugh

Though it may sound obvious to you, however, you will be surprised to know how many people underestimate the significance of laughing or activities that play a vital role in unwinding or making your mood better. The main key to learning to laugh at yourself and situations which will push you to get angry or reply in an aggressive manner, because of half of the time, it is the critical side of your personality that dictates your mood and behavior towards people. So, if you know how to beat it in terms of letting the good or lighter side in you to take charge, the hard phases of life will become smooth for you.

Questioning Yourself

If you feel the urge to say something bitter to someone you love or people at the office, ask yourself if it needs to be said or not or what will you get out of it? The purpose of formulating the right questions can help you to polish the rational side of your personality. And if you have mastered this skill, you will be in a position to control the negative emotions in you. For example, if your child is not doing well at something, ask yourself, what are the steps that you can take to help? In simple words, these questions will help you to process the thoughts in addition to figuring out the best reactions.

Spend Time with Family

The more you spend time with the family, it will facilitate you to nurture the lighter side in you especially if your relationship with the kids is healthy and socialization is easy for you. Similarly, you will get a break from the daily routine, which also tends to make people angry. Hence, the importance of family is important in somewhat everybody’s life, but if you are some who has been struggling to be less pessimistic or critical, this tip can help you to  large extent.

Look for Newness

The need to find a new angle of things or banal aspects chores also help you to feel revitalized and it will eventually help you to curb the negative sentiments including the need to be harsh to people. If your tendency to be mean or unkind to people is not managed, it could make you pessimistic and critical. Therefore, it is the best to focus on the new aspects in order to feel good and in control of the emotional balance in you. This technique will contribute to making you open minded, which is essential to counter the critical tendency in general.

Though it is okay to be critical when it is required, however, it does not mean that one can be critical all the time or that being harsh with your children or family is okay. Therefore, it is necessary that you show tolerance to a difference of opinion, in addition to spending quality time with family to mitigate your potential to be critical in appropriate situations.



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